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Chris Calabrese
Assistant Superintendent


Emily Cooper
District Secretary


Kristina Jensen
Sr. Account Clerk - Payroll & Benefits

Donyel Douglas
Personnel Specialist - Certificated


Lisa Shaw
Sr. Account Clerk - Payroll & Benefits


Debbie Valladao
Personnel Specialist - Classified


Brentwood Union School District offers a diverse health benefits package.  Benefits are available to all employees who work four or more hours daily, prorated for hours worked.  We have three options for medical benefit coverage - Kaiser, Sutter Health Plus and United Health.  Dental benefit coverage is provided by Delta Dental.  Optional vision benefit coverage is available through The Standard, VSP.

Health Benefits Table

The 2022 Health Benefits Table is linked on the button below and  shows BUSD's contribution toward medical benefits, the cost of each available benefit and the out-of-pocket expense for a full-time employee.  If you are a benefit-eligible employee and work less than full time, contact Human Resources for information about the District contribution and employee out-of-pocket expense for all health benefits.

making changes to benefits

Most changes to health benefits are limited to the annual Open Enrollment window.  Exceptions to this are only granted with a verified significant life event such as marriage, divorce, birth, death or loss of coverage.  Contact Human Resources if you have a significant life event and need to make changes to your health benefits outside of Open Enrollment

Any changes made to your benefits are made through Benefit Bridge our online enrollment system.    Upon employment in a benefit-eligible position, you will be provided information about your unique access to Benefit Bridge.  Current employees will use the same login information provided during Open Enrollment.  Employees may access Benefit Bridge using the button below.  

Dependent age information

All health benefits have the same maximum age of dependent eligibility.  That age is 26 years old.  When a dependent turns 26, he/she is no longer eligible to participate in Brentwood Union School District health insurance coverage under the parent's/guardian's policy.  There are unique guidelines for adding dependents previously not included on health coverage depending on the coverage (dental, eye or medical).  Please contact the Human Resources department to discuss these guidelines if a dependent needs to be added to your coverage after initial enrollment.

Dental insurance

Brentwood Union School District provides dental benefits to all benefit-eligible employees at no cost to the employee.  All benefit-eligible employees must enroll in District provided dental coverage.  Dental Dental is the District's dental insurer.

BUSD's dental plan is an incentive plan.  Under our plan the percentage of coverage increases every year for each individual covered when that individual goes to the dentist at least once during the prior calendar year.  Our incentive plan begins with 70% coverage and increases coverage by 10% every year, up to 100% coverage, the individual goes to the dentist at least once.  The incentive is applicable to many, but not all, dental services.  Click on the button to view a summary of benefits for dental.

Employees can save on out-of-pocket costs related to dental procedures by using Delta Dental PPO Dentists.  PPO Dentists have established agreements with Delta Dental for many procedures which reduces the cost for patients.  To find out more about the benefits of using a PPO Dentist and how to determine if your current dentist is a Delta Dental PPO Dentist, click on the button below.

Employees can create online accounts with Delta Dental to enhance their knowledge of benefits as well as tracking of any claims.  Additionally, employees may select an option for paperless claims notification reducing the mail you receive.  Additional information about Delta Dental's online tools is available here.

Dental only opens every 5 years to add family to your plan.  You can add family during your new hire benefits, during a qualifying life event (within 60 days of event) or the year your child turns 5.  Next time dental will open to all during open enrollment will be Open Enrollment 2024 with coverage starting Jan 2025.

Medical Insurance

Brentwood Union School District offers employees access to two medical insurance carriers: Kaiser and Sutter Health Plus.  The district contributes toward the cost of medical coverage based upon the Health Benefits Table found above which shows the employee out-of-pocket cost for full-time employees.  

BUSD does allow employees who provide proof of other group medical coverage to receive "cash option" in lieu of enrolling in medical benefits.  Additional information is available below. 

Employees enroll in medical benefits at initial employment or when becoming benefit eligible.  Employees may only change insurance carriers, change plans within insurance carriers or enroll dependents (other than newborns or newly adopted children) during Open Enrollment or when there is a qualifying significant life event.  


Brentwood Union School District offers three plans with Kaiser: a $5 copay plan, a $15 copay plan, and a Deductible HMO plan.  Each plan has different coverages.  Kaiser has a full medical facility in Antioch, the adjacent city.  Kaiser enrollees have access to all medical facilities and doctors within the Kaiser Northern California network.  A summary of benefits for each plan are linked on the buttons below.

Additional information about Kaiser is available on their website.

sutter health plus

Brentwood Union School District offers two plans with Sutter Health:  a $20 copay plan and a $10 copay plan.  Each plan has different coverages.  Sutter Health has a full medical facility in Antioch, the adjacent city.  Sutter Health Plus enrollees have access to all medical facilities and doctors within the Sutter Health Plus network.  A summary of benefits for each plan are listed on the buttons below.

Additional information about Sutter Health Plus is available on their website.

united healthcare

Brentwood Union School District offers three plans with United Healthcare:  a $20 copay plan, a $15 copay plan and a PPO.  Each plan has different coverages.  United Healthcare enrollees have access to all medical facilities and doctors within the United Healthcare network.  A summary of benefits for each plan are listed on the buttons below.

Additional information about United Healthcare is available on their website.

cash option information and requirements

Employees who have qualifying other group medical coverage may receive "cash option" in lieu of enrolling in District provided medical benefits.  Enrollment in "cash option" may only happen during initial enrollment or Open Enrollment.  Participants in "cash option" receive a monthly amount added to their paycheck.  For employees hired before January 1, 2011, the monthly amount is $352.  For employees hired after January 1, 2011, the monthly amount is $175.  

To participate in "cash option,"  employees must complete a Waiver of Group Medical Coverage form linked on the button below.   If the verification of other group medical coverage is provided on the Waiver of Group Medical Coverage form by the employer or agency through whom medical coverage is provided, no additional information is needed.  If the employer or agency does not complete their portion of the waiver, the employee must provide proof of coverage that includes the group number of the coverage as well as the names of all those covered by the policy and effective date.

Eligibility for "cash option" is reestablished every year during Open Enrollment.  This includes completing a new Waiver of Group Medical Coverage and providing the relevant proof as needed.

Participants in "cash option" must notify BUSD Human Resources immediately if they have a loss of coverage.  Human Resources will work with the employee to enroll them in a District medical plan.

vision benefits: VSP

Brentwood Union School District offers optional vision coverage through VSP.  The cost of vision insurance is listed on the 2022 Health Benefits Table linked above and is paid by the employee through his/her paycheck upon enrollment.  A summary of vision benefits is available on the button below.  

Additional information about vision coverage is available on the VSP website.


Brentwood Union School District employees have the option to participate in two types of Supplemental Retirement plans - 403(b) and 457(b). 

The United States Security and Exchange Commission has developed a simple informational flyer about 403(b) programs.  The button below links you to this flyer.

Supplemental Retirement plans are entirely employee funded.  To establish a plan, employees should work with a financial advisor or representative from any of the companies approved by our Third Party Administrator, Envoy.  The button below provides a list of all approved companies for Supplemental Retirement accounts.

For free objective information about 403(b) plans and comparisons visit  

Establishing or changing your contributions to a 403(b) and/or 457(b) account require the appropriate forms.  It is recommended that you work with your financial advisor to make these changes.  The forms and additional information are linked below.