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Emily Richards

FECCC Induction Coordinator

BUSD Induction Liaison and History Coordinator

  • For all Far East Contra Costa County including Brentwood Union School District

(925) 634-6300 ext. 2263

BTSA Induction


Brentwood Union School District offers support to every first and second year teacher who is part of the certificated teaching staff. As a member of the Far East Contra Costa County BTSA Consortium, our district is able to offer support through coaching or a full Induction program to clear teacher credentials under Ryan or 2042 credentialing requirements.


Participation provides each new teacher with a well-trained Support Provider who guides him/her through the first two years of teaching.

Support activities include:

  • Regular meetings with a Support Provider
  • Opportunity to meet with fellow new teachers
  • Observation of other teachers
  • Being observed and provided feedback by a Support Provider
  • Workshops and seminars specifically designed for new teachers
  • Funds for purchase of classroom materials
  • Conference attendance (year 2 participants)
  • Development of your personal induction plan based on the California Standards of the Teaching Profession .

For more information:  FECCC BTSA