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Michael Bowen
Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Linda Hanson
Secretary, Curriculum and Instruction

Categorical Programs

Bilingual/Economic Impact Aid Program

The Economic Impact Aid program provides service to students whose primary home language is one other than English.

Qualification for services is assessed by the Bilingual Staff at each school at the beginning of the school year and is monitored throughout the year. Results of language assessments are shared with the classroom teacher and goals are set by development of a Bilingual Individualized Learning Plan for each student. Services are provided through designated classroom teachers qualified by certification and through CLAD or BCLAD bilingual instructional aides. The goal of the district bilingual program is to provide primary language instruction. English language development is provided by all classroom teachers to ensure student academic growth and success.

2012-2013 EIA Carryover

DELAC Meeting - March 8, 2018



Carmen Wood
Teacher on Special Assignment

Migrant Education

The Migrant Education Program is to assist those children whose educational attendance is disrupted by seasonal family migration due to employment. The focus is on the development of English as a Second Language to support student success in school. Services are provided by an Instructional Aide. Additional support is provided the family through referral for medical and dental services.

Qualification for services is determined by the Migrant Education Program Supervisor, who provides a list of qualified students to the school.


Carmen Wood
Teacher on Special Assignment

Title I

Schools with populations of low income students exceeding the district average receive Title I funds. This federally funded program is intended to provide supplemental instruction supportive of and correlated with the core classroom program for students who are functioning below grade level. Services are provided to students through additional classroom materials, and support in reading to primary level. Garin Elementary School and Brentwood Elementary School receive Title I funding. For questions, contact the school principal.


Program Improvement Parent Letter



Brentwood Elementary School 925-513-6360
Edna Hill Middle School 925-513-6440
Garin Elementary School 925-513-6370
Mary Casey Black School 925-513-6430
Marsh Creek School 925-513-6420