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Individual or small group counseling for students whose emotional, social and behavioral needs are interfering with their educational experience is provided by a specially credentialed counselor. These sessions are scheduled on a pullout basis during the regular school day.

The counselor works closely with teachers, parents and student to develop goals and objectives for desired behavior changes. Students are referred to the counseling program through the site principal.

For questions, please contact the school counselor.

Adams Middle                                   David Harrell                          925-513-6450

                                                             Zoey Waziri


Brentwood Elementary                   Alana Stone                            925-513-6360


Bristow Middle                                  Saraina Silva                           925-513-6460

                                                             Jessica Robbins


Edna Hill Middle                                Katherine Cory                       925-513-6440

                                                             Angela Hulstrom


Garin Elementary                              Shannon Biggs                       925-513-5370


Krey Elementary                                Karaianne Souza                    925-513-6400


Loma Vista Elementary                     Shayla King                             925-513-6390


Marsh Creek Elementary                  Emperatris Vega                   925-513-6420


Mary Black Elementary                      Patty Barbosa                       925-513-6430


Pioneer Elementary                            Ezra Smith                             925-513-6410


Ron Nunn Elementary                       Sarah Lucero                        925-513-6380


Online Counseling Program Concepts/Resources


Resources for Parent/Guardians and Students:

    Student Appropriate Website For More Information:

Managing Anxiety/ Techniques to Help Cope:  

    Positive Thinking - Avoiding Catastrophic Thinking:

    Getting Along With Others/Communication (specifically for families):

    Online Safety:

Mental Health Apps:

    Managing Students Emotions Around a Crisis:

    Social/Emotional General:

    Talking to Children About Covid-19:

How Adults Can Manage Anxiety/Conversations Around Covid-19:


Resources For Teachers Managing Stress:


Things Kids Can Do to Help/Stay Active:

    To Help:

  • Make fabric masks to donate 

    To Stay Active:


Crisis Resources: