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Chris Calabrese
Director of Student Services

Lisa Shaw
Student Services Secretary




If you are going to register your student for the 2020-2021 school year, registration will open April 6,2020.

Please click/copy this link to obtain the Enrollment Forms and Residency requirements.

You will need to scan and email, mail or fax all the Enrollment Forms, Residency requirements, birth certificate, full immunizations and your ID to your boundary school.  Once the COVID-19 shelter in place has been lifted, you will need to bring the original Residency requirements, original birth certificate, full immunization records and your ID to finalize your enrollment within the Brentwood Union School District.  

If you are not sure which school is your boundary school, please click on the following link:

Please email or fax the required documents to your boundary school.  If you do send your information by fax, please email the school site to expect your documents.

Brentwood Elementary:          (or) by fax to 925-513-0697

Garin Elementary:              (or) by fax to 925-513-0698

Krey Elementary:                      (or) by fax to 925-240-1628

Loma Vista:                             (or) by fax to 925-240-5456

Marsh Creek:                         (or) by fax to 925-240-5382

Mary Casey Black:                (or) by fax to 925-240-9971

Pioneer Elementary;               (or) by fax to 925-513-9435

Ron Nunn Elementary:             (or) by fax to 925-513-0995

Adams Middle School:        (or) by fax to 925-516-3470

Bristow Middle School:  (or) by fax to 925-516-8725

Edna Hill Middle School:    (or) by fax to 925-513-0696


Once you have completed your enrollment application and it has been reviewed, you will receive an email stating that your enrollment packet is complete until the shelter in place has been lifted.  Remember to finalize your enrollment packet, we will need to see the original items listed above.


If you wish to submit an Intra District Transfer request, you can submit that to your boundary school once your enrollment application has been verified.  You can obtain the form on our website under the Intra tab or clicking on the following link:










Find My School

Enrollment Documents and Residency Requirements

School Boundary Map

Click on Find My School to find at which school you should register your children. We are happy to welcome you and your student to the Brentwood Union School District. Please be advised that because we are a rapidly growing community, placement at your neighborhood school may not be possible. While we can assure you placement within our school district, we can not guarantee placement at your neighborhood school. Please call the school site you are zoned to attend or our district office for further information.

Complete registration includes Proof of Residency (see residency verification requirements), birth certificate (original for kinder and new to California or public school), immunization records, physical (1st grade),  and copy of recent report card or STAR test preferred