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Departmental Contact Information

Special Education District Office Administrative Staff

Jeff Weiss, Director of Special Education & Interventions
Phone: 925.513.6317

Julie Pattee, Secretary for Special Education

Phone: 925.513.6317
Fax: 925.513.8634

Anna Foster, Secretary for Special Education
Phone:  925.513.6318

Fax:  925.513.8634

Brooke Gettig, Program Specialist for Bristow Middle School, Mary Casey Black Elementary School, Brentwood Elementary School, and Out of District Programs
Phone:  925.513.6300 ext 2250
Fax:  925.513.8634
Joycelynn Evans, Program Specialist for Edna Hill Middle School, Pioneer Elementary School, Marsh Creek Elementary School and Garin P2 and P4
Phone:  925.513.6300 ext
Fax:  925.513.8634
Mark Baldwin, Program Specialist for Adams Middle School, Ron Nunn Elementary School, Krey Elementary School and Garin Elementary School
Phone:  925.513.6300 ext 2273
Fax:  925.513.8634

Matthew Jensen, Program Specialist for Special Education Preschool, Loma Vista Elementary School, and County Placements
Phone:  925.513.6300 ext 3076
Fax:  925.240.5456