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District Contacts

Jeff Weiss, Director

Phone:  925-513-6317

Fax:  925-513-8634


Lynelle Russell, Secretary

Phone: 925-513-6317

Fax: 925-513-8634


Anna Foster, Secretary

Phone: 925-513-6318

Fax: 925-513-8634


Mark Baldwin, Program Specialist  (Adams, Ron Nunn, Krey, Garin)

Phone:  925-513-6300 ext 2273

Fax: 925-513-8634


Robyn Byrd, Program Specialist (Preschool)

Phone: 925-513-6300  ext 3007

Fax: 925-513-8634


Brooke Gettig, Program Specialist (Bristow, Mary Casey Black, Loma Vista, Out of District Placements)

Phone: 925-513-6300 ext 2250

Fax: 925-513-8634


Kristie Schrick, Program Specialist (Edna Hill, Brentwood Elementary, Marsh Creek, Pioneer,)

Phone: 925-513-6300 ext 2250

Fax: 925-513-8634


Shannon Hendricks, Fiscal Analyst

Phone: 925-513-6309

Fax: 925-513-8634

Departmental Initiatives and Progress

Action Planning from Town Hall Meetings

We had two Town Hall meetings at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018.  We took notes at those meetings and developed an Action Plan.  Please let us know your thoughts!

FCMAT Monitoring

Whatever Happened to FCMAT?


The district hired an outside consultant to review our special education programs and they presented a report in January, 2015.  There were over a hundred recommendations in that report.  Here is our current Report of Progress.

SOSE June 2017