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2017/2018 SEPAC Officers

Chairperson: Ms. Cyndy Gaffagan Coats

Vice Chairperson: Ms. Jan Kahlil

Secretary: Ms. Julie Molinari

Community Relations Coordinator: Ms. Nicole Gilmore

Legislative Representative: Ms. Marie Fajardo


District Contacts

Jeff Weiss, Director

Phone:  925-513-6317

Fax:  925-513-8634


Lynelle Russell, Secretary

Phone: 925-513-6317

Fax: 925-513-8634


Anna Foster, Secretary

Phone: 925-513-6318

Fax: 925-513-8634


Mark Baldwin, Program Specialist  (Adams, Ron Nunn, Krey, Garin)

Phone:  925-513-6300 ext 2273

Fax: 925-513-8634


Robyn Byrd, Program Specialist (Preschool)

Phone: 925-513-6300  ext 3007

Fax: 925-513-8634


Brooke Gettig, Program Specialist (Bristow, Mary Casey Black, Loma Vista, Out of District Placements)

Phone: 925-513-6300 ext 2250

Fax: 925-513-8634


Kristie Schrick, Program Specialist (Edna Hill, Brentwood Elementary, Marsh Creek, Pioneer,)

Phone: 925-513-6300 ext 2250

Fax: 925-513-8634


Shannon Hendricks, Fiscal Analyst

Phone: 925-513-6309

Fax: 925-513-8634

Brentwood Embraces Students Together (BEST) Group

Welcome Parents!

SEPAC is your voice in our school district!




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Meeting Calendar
Meeting Calendar

Ability Awareness

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Mission Statement

From the Bylaws: "The purpose of the BUSD SEPAC is to foster a collaborative environment that supports our families, educates our community, provides mentorship and opportunities for learning, and addresses topics in special education within the Brentwood Union School District. BUSD SEPAC shall serve as an advisor to the Brentwood Union School District on operations and development of special education programs, parent and teacher training needs, and formation of policies and procedures. BUSD SEPAC shall promote communication between special education parents and the school district, including individual school sites. BUSD SEPAC shall also serve as both a network for parents and a forum to share ideas and information within the Brentwood Union School District."


Updated 3/1/18 from Bylaws adopted Spring, 2017


Here are the notes from our recent town hall meeting.  Take a look and let us know what you think!

Town Hall Mtg 101917 Notes.pdf

Meeting Agendas and Notes

Here you will find links to agendas for our upcoming and past meetings as well as the notes (minutes) that were taken at those meetings.


SEPAC Agenda 030118.pdf



011117 minutes- revised.pdf  (January 2018)




Dec minutes.pdf




SEPAC Agenda 120717.pdf



Sept 7 minutes.pdf

sept agenda.pdf

Sept agenda en espanol

Sept 2017 SEPAC Minutes en espanol.pdf




August 2017 Minutes en espanol.pdf

August 3 2017 minutes.pdf

Agenda August 3 2017.pdf


June 1 2017 minutes.pdf



Please email Jeff if you would like copies of previous years' agendas and minutes

SEPAC Documents

Click on these documents to learn more about SEPAC and special education in our district



SEPAC Info Pamphlet_Adams.pdf


Bylaws - Adopted April 2017.pdf


Accommodations vs Modifications.pdf