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Flyer Distribution

BUSD cooperates with school, partner groups and government organizations that sponsor activities of an educational/ enrichment nature for students by distributing materials electronically via Peachjar. As part of our efforts to be more environmentally friendly, embrace innovative technology, and maintain fiscal responsibility, we have transitioned to electronic flyer delivery. Flyers are distributed through email and posted to a webpage. The following information provides instructions and the protocols for using the Peachjar electronic flyer system.

Accessing Flyers

We send our flyers directly to your email inbox instead of creating paper flyers that get often got lost in backpacks and overlooked. These eflyers can also be viewed by clicking on the Peachjar button that has been placed on each school’s website homepage. You can also find flyers on our new mobile app by clicking on the Peachjar icon. This “green” initiative will ensure important information gets delivered directly to you in a more efficient manner.

No action is required on your part. You will receive a welcome email from “Peachjar” (the service provider) that will include a username and password. The name and password are provided to give you the opportunity to manage your account and flyer delivery preferences, if you choose to. However, you do not need to login to receive or view eflyers.

To ensure smooth delivery of this communication, we suggest you add “” to your email contacts. Note: add “” to your contact list just as written; DO NOT change it to the name of your school When you receive your first eflyer, be sure to click “always display images.”

If you do not receive an email from Peachjar, it could mean your email address is not on file with your school, or there is an error with the address.  Please see your school office to inquire. 

Note: This system is used exclusively for distribution of school-approved flyers. Your email address will not be shared or used for any other purpose. 

Submitting Flyers for Distribution

Requests for flyer distribution by all outside organizations must be approved by the District Office. Flyers submitted directly to the school sites will be referred to the District Office. Flyers are distributed electronically on Fridays. Peachjar may charge a fee for this service. Please visit for details.

In order to be eligible to use the Peachjar system, organizations must:

  • Originate from a local non-profit organization with a valid 501(c)(3) tax ID
  • Agree to let Peachjar place the following disclaimer on the flyer (exact wording): This program is not sponsored by the Brentwood Union School District.  Approval to distribute flyers is a community service and does not imply endorsement.
  • Directly benefit BUSD students or be of intrinsic value to students and/or parents 
  • Not directly conflict with BUSD programs
  • Must adhere to BUSD board policy.

To request flyer approval, follow the steps below.  Once approved, the flyer will be emailed to parents and posted online.  Paper flyers will not be distributed.  

  1. Ensure that your flyer meets the BUSD Flyer Approval requirements above.
  2. Go to
  3. Register with Peachjar
  4. Select desired schools
  5. Upload your flyer to Peachjar for approval

The flyer will automatically be submitted to the District for review and approval. District staff will review the material and approve or deny based on the standards described above. Flyers must be submitted by Thursday at 5 p.m. for consideration of release on Friday.

Enrichment and partner community organizations are subject to Peachjar’s service fee when a flyer is posted to promote an activity or event with a participation fee. Peachjar's service fee also applies to activities that are held without charge, but may entice participants to join a fee-based program, or purchase products or services (e.g. a soccer league that offers free clinics). 

Peachjar’s service fee will be waived in Brentwood Union School District when a local community organization is promoting a free event that does not entice participants to join a fee-based program, or purchase products or services (Free-for-Free). Community Free (Free-for-Free) flyer distribution is limited to one posting every 30 days for up to 25 schools per organization

If you have questions, please contact