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Local Accountability Plan (LCAP)/Strategic Planning

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Strategic Action Planning Committee Volunteers - 2022-23
Name Site Position Group Representing
Alves-Erickson, Alicia MCS Teacher - Elem BTA
Bally, Erik DO Technology Classified
Bowen, Michael District Director C&I Curriculum & Instruction
Bustillos, Lisa BMS Teacher BTA
Calabrese, Chris District Director Student Services Student Services
Castro, Gaby Parent Parent DELAC & ELAC
D'Alfonsi. Teresa MCS Principal Mgmt/Site Principal
DaoJensen, Thuy District Board Member Board Member
deFremery, Angie EHMS Teacher - MS Certificated & Curriculum Leads
DeYoe, Tamara District Coordinator, MS Programs C&I
Douglas, Donyel District Human Resources Classified
Gilchrist, Ashley LVS Parent Parent Leader
Griggs, Lauren AMS Principal Mgmt/Site Principal
Groshong, Lynn Loma Vista Library Clerk CLC & Classified
Hague, Brie HPVA Principal Mgmt/Site Principal
Jablonski-Liu, Roxane District Ass't Superintendent HR Human Resources
Jensen, Kristen MCB Teacher - Elem. Teacher
Lee, Christopher EHMS Teacher Certificated
Mingst, Kryssie GES Teacher - Elem Certificated
Neumeuer, Jill PES Teacher - Elem. Certificated
Pospisil, Jill AMS Librarian CLC/Classified
Richards, Emily District BTSA Coordinator BTSA
Rizo, Dhoryan Non-Profit Village Community Resource Center Community Agency
Sawyer, Cara GES Teacher - Elem BTA
Schmitt, Robin District CBO Business Department
Turner, Mark BMS Vice Principal Vice Principal
Valle, Erika   Parent DELAC
Waldron, Leisa PES Parent Parent Leader
Weibert, Leann EHMS Teacher - MS Certificated
Weiss, Jeff District Director Sp. Ed. Special Education
West, Michelle Marsh Creek Parent Parent Leader
Wortinger, Karen EHMS Parent Parent Leader
Eaton, Dana District Facilitator  


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