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Welcome to TechNOLOGY Services

Welcome to Technology Services! We are honored to support the stakeholders of the Brentwood Union School District. Our goal is to provision, integrate, and maintain premium technology solutions and provide unparalleled support to facilitate effective teaching and learning in the digital age. Please check our page regularly for news and updates pertaining to Technology. 

  Temitope Alao Systems Administrator
  Erik Bally Technology Support Specialist
  Becky Barnes Technology Support Specialist
  Ernest Debose Computer Technician
  Lisa Dekruif-Wooten Computer Technician
  Maritere Fernandez Technology Support Secretary
  Robert Remley Technology Coordinator

The Technology Department is eager to assist you with all of your Technology-related needs. In order for us to address your needs, please enter a School Dude work order using the link below. 


New in Technology

The Technology Department is very excited to announce the implementation of our new Student Information System. Please use this link to access Aeries 

For Aeries Book of Knowledge with helpful links and videos, please use this link


All curricular applications/integrations to Aeries should be functional. 

If you experience any difficulties with existing third-party integrations with Aeries, please let us know. 



Technology Education Portal:

For answers to questions regarding Canvas, Classlink, Google Classroom, Zoom, and Outlook, please click the blue button below.

Technical Education Portal
Tips, Tricks, and Fixes

We have had several calls regarding Juno speakers with frozen LED screens resulting in staff not being able to adjust the volume. While the Technology department is always happy to help, we have had multiple staff members ask us how to recalibrate these units. While we do not expect you to fix this yourself, we also don't want to hold back staff members who would like to resolve the issue immediately. 


Problem-- "My FrontRow Juno Speaker has a frozen LED screen, and I can't adjust the volume...."

To remedy this situation, you can re-calibrate your Juno tower by completing the following steps shown in the video below...